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A website offering free forex signals and forex eduction exclusive to all active traders of Forex who chooses to partner with MagForex.

Why chose to partner with MagForex?

As an active trader under MagForex, you get to enjoy the following:

  - FREE access to TRADING SIGNALS inside the "Members Area" of this site.
  - EARN REBATES! Accumulate rebates every time you trade.
  - FREE FOREX EDUCATION for newbie traders.
  - FREE SUPPORT via Skype on all your trading related questions.

What to expect from the signals?

The signals are based on leading indicators mostly found on the "Price Action" itself.

More specifically, the algorithm monitors and tracks all 28 currency pairs in vaious timeframes for "Profitable Candlestick Patterns" and display it in a table format form for easy reading and monitoring once there are valid signals.

Once there are valid signals, it is displayed in real-time and is updated every 5 minutes so as an active trader, you will never run out of signals whenever and wherever you are because it is monitoring and constantly broadcasting signals everyday from Monday through Friday; 24-hours, round the clock.

How does the signal benefit the active trader?

If you're already trading, you very well knew that watching the chart for possible trading opportunities is not fun and constantly switching back and forth various currency pair charts just to check the price action for possible trading opportunities is very time consuming.

The signals will solve these issues for you. Never again will you constantly check and monitor the charts and never again will you keep on flipping back in forth various currency pairs charts just to check for trading opportunities because the signals will tell you if certain currency pairs (out of the 28 currency pairs that it tracks) if there are valid trading opportunities.

With the signals at your disposal, trading becomes super easy because you will only look at a particular chart once there are vaild signals. This frees you up from the hassles of trading thus giving you the quality time you deserve so you can continue to go on with your lifestyle. Obviously, the more quality time you have, the chance of success becomes higher.

Does the signals provide accurate information?

In trading, there are no 100% guarantee. If you want accuracy and are looking for guaranteed results, stay away from trading and the financial market.

Having said that, built-in Indicators found on most charting softwares like the "Moving Averages", "MACD", "Stochastics", "RSI", and "Bollinger Bands" just to name a few are considered "lagging" indicators.

They are so called "lagging" simple because all built-in indicators are programmed to look for past data. These "lagging" indicators only update its signals after the price action has finished. That is why the signals it provides is "very slow" so you get false signals most of the time. More false signals means bad for trading and will result to more losses.

You need "leading" indicators like the "Candlestick Patterns" and other "Market Structures" found on the price action chart itself to serve as your guide so you can better predict the next market movement with much greater accuracy and with higher probabilities.

How exactly the signals work?

Its very simple. Inside the "Members Area". There are tables for 28 Currency Pairs. So lets say that there is a "Bearish Engulping" on the 1-hour chart of EURUSD. So the table corresponding to the EURUSD will light up and it will inform you that there is indeed a "Bearish Engulping" developed on the 1-hour chart of EURUSD.

So all you need to do is fire up your trading platform be it in a Desktop PC or on your Mobile app and open up the 1-hour chart of EURUSD to see if indeed there is a "Bearish Engulping". Once you confirmed the pattern, you can start to analyze the chart for possible entries and exits.

By the way, "Engulping Candles" are one of the profitable Candlestick patterns that you can rely upon specially if it occurs in higher timeframes.

For example, if the weekly chart has engulping candles, its more likely that the price action in the daily chart will move in the weekly direction. Similarly, if engulping candles are found in the daily chart, it is highly likely that the 4-hour chart, the 1-hour chart and all the lower timeframes will move in the direction of the daily signal.

Example of a Candlestick Pattern

The below image is a typical example of a Bullish and a Bearish Engulping Pattern. Because its very reliable, these patterns are commonly used by expert traders.


A Bullish Engulping pattern is a candlestick formation on the chart which signals the trader that there is momentum in favor of price rising while a Bearish Engulping pattern is a candlestick formation which signals the trader that there is momentum in favor of price falling.

Inside the members area, active traders get the chance to know the 7 most traded price action candlestick patterns that the algorithm is using to provide high profitability signals.

How exactly "Rebates" work?

Because you chooses to partner with MagForex under the IB 182907, He might get paid by FxPro for introducing You to Fxpro and its called "Rebates".So portion of the rebates MagForex gets from FxPro, he will share this to you.

How much "Rebates" do I expect to accumulate?

MagForex gets roughly 3 pesos everytime you open 1 microlot (0.01lot) volume. So when MagForex receives ₱3 pesos from FxPro every week, he will give ₱1 peso to you thru your paypal account.

So basically, below is a quick run down of the rebates:

Obviously, the more trades you have, the more rebates you will get!

The rebates will be sent every week thru your Paypal account.

And thats basically it. If you need more info, you can contact MagForex via Skype using the ID: magforex