As you know, Forex trading is my "Bread and Butter". Trading is my life, and I am very passionate about it. And since I am now so busy trading everyday, that I have decided to devote all my energy in trading full-time. So no more group chats, no more fb groups and no more mentorship.

If you're new to forex trading, I suggest that you watch all the videos in my YouTube playlist so you get a general idea about how this business is all about. I have spent more than 3 years recording everything there is to know in forex trading so you should get up and running once you fully understand what I am talking about in those videos. and its FREE!

I do have a "Copy Trading Program" going on so incase you are interested in joining, just click the relevant link or contact me in Skype.

And thats basically it. If you need more info, you can contact us via Skype using the ID: magforex