Hello, World!

I'm known as "MagForex" in YouTube and I've been trading Forex since 2008. And up until today, Forex Trading is my way of life.

So, what brings you here in my site?

You are probably interested in making money trading Forex, right?

Hmm... to be honest, trading is not only hard but its also very risky. Its actually very simple but when it gets really hard the "Timing" of BUYING and SELLING. You will definitely lose if your timing is wrong and that's where it gets hard and very risky.

Btw, if you're curious what Forex Broker I am using, then my answer to you is FxPro. I've been with this Forex Broker since 2008 and I never switched to any broker up until now for the simple reason that they're the best as far as I'm concern!

You can try them by creating an account for free so you can have unlimited demo trading. And if you're ready to do live trading later on, you can deposit as low as $100 USD to get started trading right away!


Need My Personal Support?

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