MagForexTrading is the personal blog site of MagForex, with over 2,000 plus subscribers and followers both in YouTube and in Facebook who interact with MagForex to ask for trading advice, tips, and tricks and discuss forex trading strategies in general.

If you are a reputable forex broker and you want to advertise your business to a targeted audience of forex trading then this is the place for you.

Fact Sheet

Advertising Options

The site has five standard advertisement options. They all include direct, hard links to your site, and are displayed on every page of the site. The ads can include both text and image and are very reasonably priced. We are also open to considering other options if you have specific needs.

The standard options are identified on the image below and listed here:

  1. Option A: up to 300 x 300 pixels, on the top-left corner: starts at 300$/month
  2. Option B: up to 300 x 300 pixels, on the bottom-left corner: starts at 250$/month
  3. Option C: up to 970 x 250 pixels, on the top banner: starts at 250$/month
  4. Option D: up to 970 x 250 pixels, on the bottom banner: starts at 200$/month
  5. Option E: up to 970 x 250 pixels, on the in-article banner: starts at 200$/month

NOTE: If there are two or more Advertisers competing for the slots, the Advertiser with the highest bid will be placed first in the arrangement.

Payment should be made through PayPal and up to three months may be purchased in advance.

Contact Info

For more information on advertising with MagForexTrading, and to request an ad placement, please use the contact form on this site or you can email directly using the following details below:

Forex Trader/Owner/Admin/Webmaster

Thank you for your interest.